Case Studies in Digital Printing

Using Technology to Support Greener Manufacturing

The fashion sector is a like well-oiled machine with many elements working together to produce products that we wear and use every day. Textile and clothing manufacturers are a crucial part of this wonderful industry. Their decisions about materials, processes, and equipment used during the manufacturing phase creates a ripple effect and its impact extends far beyond the factory doors.


Driven By Innovation

With innovation as the main driver of the company, Kane Top Group leverages the latest advancements in technology to deliver products of the highest quality. Their clients are among the most renowned fortune 500 companies, including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and J.Crew to name a few.


The Group is one of the leading textile and apparel manufacturers. Their legacy and commitment to customer service have seen them go from strength to strength since the founding of the company in 1984.


Another factor that makes the company stand out is its commitment to green processes. Kane Group puts the protection of the environment at the forefront, particulary when making decisions related to the purchase of new equipment and the adoption of new processes.


It’s this commitment to social responsibility, sustainability and investment in technology that led  Kane Top Group to purchase the Kornit Avalanche HD6 machine.


Reaching New Markets

With the help of the new Kornit equipment, Kane Top Group has been able to grow in a new direction. The company is now able to extend their service to boutique customers, who often place smaller, customized orders. This wouldn’t have been possible in the past, but with the now it’s a new market, which has been opened to Kane Top Group as a result of Kornit’s flexible order processing capacity.


In addition, the quick proofing feature has allowed Kane Top Group to drastically reduce the time required to process orders. That same feature makes repeat orders even faster and easier to fulfil. The ability to provide customers with incredible results in tremendously fast turn around times is another way which has helped Kane Top Group to develop even better relationships with their clients and to further strengthen brand loyalty.


Faster and Greener!

The fast and efficient process from design to production, as well as order predictability, has helped Kane Top Group to achieve their goal of zero inventory management.

As much as Kane Top Group benefits from all the amazing efficiency, quality, and time-saving features of their Kornit equipment, one thing is most important to them - the environment.
And it’s this area where Kornit systems really shine - equipped with advanced technology, they produce no sewage discharge.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Saving the best for last - the visual aspect of the final result, the color and images which are applied to the final product. Kane Top Group customers demand the best in textile and color quality. Kornit’s advanced technology produces an extensive color gamut and unparralled results. The image clarity and color vividness generated by Kornit’s printing equipment are absolute technological breakthroughs.


Favorite Features

When asked about what the Kane Top Group liked best about their Kornit Machines, they listed a number of things: “It’s suitable for all kinds of fabrics - meaning no restrictions on production. Kornit's exclusive "wet on wet" 2-step printing technology with no pre-processing required, and finally, the environmentally friendly and safe inks are wonderful!”


The Kane Top Group are proud owners of Kornit’s printing equipment and they view it as a privillege to contribute to the advancement of technology which impacts this world for the better.
The reliability and predictability of Kornit’s equipment has allowed Kane Top Group to strengthen their position with current customer base and increase their potential to win more customers.


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