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Performance Days: More Function, Less Waste

Functional properties have become a standard part of all garments – from activewear to eveningwear.  What garment does offer moisture management, stretch, greater durability or other properties these days?  The proliferation of companies offering functional fabrics, fibers and finishes has mushroomed.  The offering is greater.  The prices are cheaper. 


Now suppliers and brands need something new.  A differentiator that makes consumers choose their product over their competitors.  That’s driving product developers to put more emphasis on the design creativity. 


Performance still has to peak, and this came through on both the natural and synthetic side with thermal regulation, moisture managements and eco-friendly membrane technology for DWR. Lighter, softer, warmer - all key attributes to basics in the performance sector -  as the consumer continues to seek all the functional attributes possible but without the weight.


Over past seasons creativity has been placed on the back burner, as all R&D was focused on new sustainable developments, but this season it was clear to see that creativity is definitely back in force. From reflective prints to contrasting yarn dyed effects, the ubiquitous season basics were accompanied by a wide range of snug and structured surface effects.


Synthetic and natural fibers went pure or teamed up in bi and multi blends, resulting in a harmonious performance level, with circular economy yarns pushing through from both sectors. 


Sensil did a great job with its ‘Speaking’ shirt, concept shirts made from Sensil ecocare recycled nylon 6.6 with key symbols of savings of carbon emissions, water and energy embroidered in great graphic symbols illustrating these key points, that could easily be used in the future on hang tags to graphically communicated to the consumer.

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