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5 Strategies for Building Profitable Brands

5 Strategies for Building Profitable Brands

Both retailers and manufacturers are realizing the importance of building strong brands.  However a well known brand name is no long enough.  Today we must also develop brands that are profitable too.

At this seminar we will 'reverse engineer' some of the core strategies and tactics that highly profitable brands have in common.  We'll look at case studies so that we can understand the path these brands took that led them to the top in terms of both sales and profits.

We will also discuss the mindset that winning companies have.  Finally, we'll review an action plan - those steps that we  can take right now - to get started on the road to better profits.

Speaker:  Jane Singer, Director & Head of Market Intelligence at Inside Fashion

Date:  May 11, 2018

Time:  8:00 am

Venue:  Solo, Indonesia

This event is 'by invitation only'