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Echa to Inspect Online Products for Harmful Substances

The eighth major Forum enforcement project (REF-8) concentrating on the online sale of substances, mixtures and products has entered its operational phase and will run until December 31, 2020 and 29 countries will participate in the project.


Inspectors will check products sold online that contain harmful substances, according to an update from the European Chemicals Agency (Echa).


The project will target products for the general public and professionals, available in private companies’ webshops and in marketplace platforms, such as Amazon and eBay.


Inspectors will check if buyers are informed about the existence of hazardous substances before the purchase is completed and if particular aspects of the regulations are fulfilled. This can be checked by controlling the advertisement of a chemical product or by purchasing products and subsequently analysing them.


For example, inspectors will look into restricted substances found in products commonly sold online such as toys and textiles and check against the requirements laid down in the REACH Regulation.


will launch the EU chemicals legislation finder, Euclef, a central access point containing information on numerous Union laws covering chemicals, in March.


The tool will enable companies, especially SMEs, to learn how their substances are being regulated in the trade bloc and what legal obligations they face. 


Euclef is expected to cover 40 pieces of legislation with more included in the future, the agency said.


Find out more about chemicals on Echa here



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