Case Studies in Digital Printing

Creating Customized Products for China – and the Entire World

Today customization is a top priority for consumers.  Everyone wants something that’s a little bit special, that gives them a sense of having something unique that’s just for them.


Yuepai saw an opportunity to customize sportswear, parlaying the demand for activewear with the request for customization.


“We are able to customize anything for our clients in accordance to their actual needs, of which including such as quantity, colour and style,” said Yang Xin.


However the what really differentiates his company from his competitors is the service he provides.


“Our service is different from others. Now most enterprises make sportswear in batches, that is, in quantity. But we don't. That’s the first thing that we do differently. Secondly, we are using more advanced equipment, as well as better teams, to do create our products.


Yuepai started doing sportswear customizing in 2010. 


The business was founded in 2006, but in the early stage, the company primarily focused on trading. They did not have their own factories and were mainly selling Japanese equipment to Chinese manufacturers.


“Starting from 2010, we began getting involved in production and manufacturing, and then opened our own factories. Then step by step we began to develop the business to where it is today. Our main source of new business is from Alibaba, and we have been working with them to expand our market reach, said Mr. Yang.



There are many kinds of digital printing. One is sublimation digital printing, another is active digital printing, and then there is Kornit’s paint digital printing. Each is aimed at different end results, and with the focus on agile product customization.


For Yuepai, the move into digital printing was supported by investing in a Kornit digital printing machine.


“Right now this technology is very consistent with our personalized customization needs, including market positioning. This is the main reason we chose to use a Kornit digital printing machine. Secondly, Kornit is a well-known international enterprise so its products are generally recognized as reliable, and delivering high quality professional results. In addition, Kornit’s consumables meet very strict environmental standards.  This is important to us and to our customers.


Mr. Yang feels that using a Kornit digital printer has provided measurable benefits to his business.


“I think that through the combination of Kornit’s excellent product development tools and our original products, we can better drive the sales of products, and the improvement of business performance.


Another big advantage of using Kornit digital printers is speed.


“I think that by using a Kornit digital printer we are better able to deliver high quality products – and reduce production times,” said Mr. Yang.


“Kornit’s machines are very durable.  That’s very important because we know that we can rely on them for our business,” he added.


Yuepai has many new developments on the drawing board.


“Well, when we were making sportswear before, we used to do it by flat printing.  Now , for example, because of the increasing demand for personalized customization after using heat transfers on garments, we still need to use paint or wet printing. However, we cannot do wet printing now because it produces too much pollution.  Nonetheless, many companies still use this technology. We are looking for a solution that achieves the look our customers want, while also being environmentally friendly.


Another thing we are working on is that we also want to expand into the China domestic market, because at this time most of our business is from overseas,” Mr. Yang.


For this Yuepai will take advantage of the creative range and production speed of their Kornit digital printer to provide sportswear that is customized specifically for China’s fast growing and dynamic local market.




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