Case Studies in Digital Printing

From Contract Printer to Customized Print Service Provider

Today the top priority for many brands has shifted from lowest possible price to faster and more agile production.


Holding inventory is expensive – and risky.  Further, smart brands want to identify market opportunities and then be able to react quickly.


One of the key developments in manufacturing that’s making this possible is advancements in digital printing.


By using direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, manufacturers can quickly customize garments to meet customers’ demands. 


Advanced technology, like the Kornit DTG printers, is making printing on garments faster and more efficient.


Having worked in the printing business for many years, Chung Yi Ta saw a growing opportunity in digital printing. 


In 2010 he established Chung Yi Digital Printing Co., a Taiwan-based contract printer, in order to provide customers with high quality, on demand, direct-to-garment services.


“My previous work was in design and printing, having worked at printing houses.  I studied design and was always interested in the field of garment printing, so I decided to start my own dgital printing company,” said Mr. Chung.


Today his business is specifically designed for customers who want OEM printing.  The entire operation is powered by digital printing.



Elevating Garment Printing


Chung Yi Digital Printing first chose the Kornit Storm printer because it easily adapts to different size and volume of orders.  Further, using digital printers requires fewer workers than traditional screen printing.  Another advantage is that it is fairly easy to train new staff to use the machines.


The company was originally using the Kornit Storm II but it only provided CMYK colors.  They wanted to expand their capability in doing more complex designs, so they decided to update the existing model into Storm Hexa which can provide CMYK + Red and Green for printing. It is a great advancement and can support them in producing a great range of orders and design requests.


“Our core business is to provide high-quality printed products. Because our business is relatively simple, we need to leverage advanced technology to provide something that is better or different from our competitors.

“With the Storm Hexa, we can offer a vast range of colors and thus can achieve more photo-realistic print reproduction for our customers.  We can help customers elevate their products from merely having a graphic print to looking like a unique work of art,” said Mr. Chung.


Make It Faster – and More Flexible


The flexibility of the using a digital printer like the Storm Hexa is also a key advantage.


“We are very focused on the customer.   We need to be able to adapt to the needs of different types of customers and understand their business model. 


“Now, more people want smaller orders with faster delivery.  We are able to work quickly and efficiently thanks to the power of the Storm Hexa,” said Mr. Chung. 


“Today, trends change very quickly and we have to be able to work with our customers and support them in catching the market trends.  This means be able to take a new design and get the garments printed quickly and with very high quality. 


“Customers want tailor-made services.  They are facing a very challenging market and we want to continue to find new ways to help them succeed,” said Mr. Chung.


For Chung Yi Digital Printing, the investment in superior printing technology has helped the company distinguish itself from all of the other companies doing garment printing.  By combining Mr. Chung’s business vision with Kornit’s advances in digital printing, the company can look forward to continued business growth.


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