Case Studies in Digital Printing

Color: The Ultimate Sales Tool

Color plays a key role in most aspect of our lives. For brands and retailers, getting the right color can mean the difference between a bestselling product – or a markdown.

This was something that became apparent to Mr. Roni from the moment he decided to start his printing business, RONIta..


Getting Started


The idea for his business was inspired by the popularity of the printing machines he used at the university campus, where he studied engineering.

Regardless of his degree, Mr. Roni wasn’t interested in following a career in Engineering. Instead, he decided that owning a business was a better plan for him. E-commerce was still in its infancy in 2004, but Mr. Roni decided to adopt a digital strategy from the very start by utilizing his website and email marketing to reach customers.


As with many other new businesses, his challenges came in the form of limited cash as well as finding the right premises for his brand-new business.


RONIta began operations by printing photos and stickers.  Over time the company improved expanded its business by going into garment printing, while also upgrading its website.


Currently, RONIta’s offer includes large format printing and automotive decal for motorcycles and cars, which is a particular passion of Mr. Roni’s.


Vibrant Colors Make Products Retail Winners


”We don’t sell printing, we sell COLOR!” said Mr. Roni during our recent interview with Inside Fashion. He said that it sometimes takes up to three months to develop a new, unique color, which allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition and pull in buyers who want to be different.


In addtion to traditional colors, RONIta offers ‘glow in the dark’, florescent, and reflective finishes among others.


Although RONIta’s story has very humble beginnings, their unique selling proposition was well defined from the start. Despite his engineering degree, Mr. Roni has great marketing intuition, which allowed him to grow and drive profits from the very start.


He didn’t just offer printing services, instead, he focused on promoting RONIta’s unique and vibrant color offering and carried this story through all of  his marketing communication.


Speed Helps Drive Productivity and Profits


RONIta recently invested in new equipment from Kornit Digital to help them with expansion into new product lines. They use their new KORNIT BREEZE  to create wonderful new colors.

When asked what made them decide to choose this particular equipment, Mr. Roni said that it was the ease of use and speed that were the primary factors in their choice. He also said that the machine doesn’t require any pre-treatment of garments on another machine, which increases their productivity output and saves space on the production floor.


Printing Flexibility Opens New Opportunities


Mr. Roni would like to expand the business by starting to print on totes and shopping bags as well as denim garments. He plans to continue experimenting with color to come up with new and unique solutions.

But the biggest news is that RONIta will open a physical store, which will allow them direct contact with customers and a place to display their products. The store will also act as a venue to test new product ideas and get real time feedback from consumers.

Mr. Roni and his team at RONIta are excited about the future, but are also mindful of new technologies and challenges that they bring, so they keeping on educating themselves to keep on top of industry changes and developments.


This adaptive approach and dedication to innovation is what has allowed RONIta to not only stay afloat, but to thrive over the last 15 years, and will help them to continue to thrive into the future.


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