Case Studies in Digital Printing

How Advanced Technology is Helping Designers Realize their Creative Potential

“The core value of our company is based on the original aesthetic design, focusing on high-quality, personalized design and customization services, and empowering designers to realize their creativity,” said Mr. Li Zhen, CEO of Zigeer, discussing how his company stands out in a hypercompetitive market.

“I personally worked in design for more than ten years, so I clearly know that each individual is both unified and unique. There are no two identical leaves in the world and no two completely different leaves. We are both the same and different.  In fact, we never really think that we are different, but we might be in a different place different others,” he said.

“The fundamental difference between oneself and ones competitor should be the difference between the basic position and the concept,” according to Mr. Li.


“We have built a complete supply chain system, research and development system, brand system, marketing system and operation system. It serves all designers in the network – and in a sense, each designer can use it as their own network.  Thus, we have created something that is for the common benefit of all designers,” Mr. Li explained.

This is also the core value of the company. It is based on original design aesthetic, focusing on high-quality, personalized design and customization services, that empowers designers to realize their creative ability.

As of July this year, Zigeer had more than 500,000 registered users, of which designer users exceeded 100,000. The growth figures show that Zigeer has found a winning business model.

An Award Winning Business

While the company was registered in Beijing in 2015, in April 2016 Mr. Li officially launched the original system from a network. In 2017,  he won the “Eng Angel Wheel” from the China Europe Business School. In the same year, he also opened the first direct-operated experience store in Beijing 798. Since then, it has initially gained market recognition and attention from the design industry.

“We have become the only designated peripheral supplier of IXDC International Experience Design Society, the only partner of Peta Asia, the only partner of SF Express, and the sponsors of Happy Twist,” said Mr. Li.


Using Digital Printing to Empower Individual Design

Zigeer links its production process system through its website, and then the orders are transmitted directly to the printing machines. 


The company has three Kornit Storm II’s in its Beijing factory.


“I used to work for Vistaprint (China), the world's Internet printing giant. Vistaprint told me that Kornit is the only industrial-grade solution in the world that can print fabrics.

“My work as a designer is also an important factor in choosing Kornit. The essence of the designer's work is to enhance people's imagination of nature and society through a fixed aesthetic understanding, using artistic tools such as modeling and color to turn these imaginations into reality and apply it to people's daily life.  Thus outstanding color reproduction is a key factor,” said Mr. Li

Another important benefit is Kornit’s stable product output. Intelligent color separation, wet spray printing, more user-friendly technical functions and reliable support – all these things made us select Kornit digital printers.

“The quality of digital prints made with Kornit printers supports our reputation as provider of high quality products and services,” he added.


Looking Ahead


A long time ago I read a book that said “history is the future.”  Our future is to continue to do what we’ve been doing – to bring higher income to designers and provide them with a better working and living environment.



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