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Fall In Love with Lace

Fall In Love with Lace

Consumers love lace.  It's not simply a trend - they like it and so smart designers are finding new ways to included lace in ready-to-wear, sleepwear, and intimate apparel.

Now, it's no longer about whether or not to use lace, it's a matter of finding new and exciting laces to elevate garments. 

Whether used for the full garment or as trims, lace as big visual apparel, added value - and a touch of femininity.


Lace with hints of metallic from Wu Tong Industrial (Taiwan).  This sophisticated lace will elevate intimate apparel and sleepwear.



Brunet International's (Hong Kong)  "Nouveau Leavers" collection offers affordable laces with the premium look of Leavers lace.  This one features hints of metallic threads on a floral and geometric lace.



A heavier lace, suited for ready-to-wear, will make any blouse a must-buy!  Metallic threads a touch of added elegance.  From Dentelles A. Laude (France)



Colorful printing adds a touch of fun to this lace from Bak-Ay Tekstil (Turkey).  We see digital printing becoming a growing trend for printing on lace.



Regal blue with metallic  threads - this lace is fit for royalty.  The geometric pattern adds a modern elegance to any garment.  Perfect for holiday sleepwear.  Or use it to elevate blouses.  From Brunet International (Hong Kong).



A 3D play on lace-look.  This is an eveningwear - even bridal - look.  So beautiful and unique!  From Sophie Hallette (France)



A fun lace that's perfect for intimate apparel through to blouses.  The apple red color will win over any customer (especially at Valentine's Day or Chinese New Year).  From Brunet International (Hong Kong)


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Creativity inspired by creora.

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