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Curve NY: Frontline Report
What People Were Saying… The U.S. consumer is very aware of fiber content. Business is good for smaller, niche brands. If you have the right product, buyers will not push too much on price. Physical retail is important – need customers to experience the products. Interestingly, there was almost no talk about sustainability.  What’s Selling Bold floral prints (jungle prints, tropical prints) Soft fabrics with lots of drape The difference is in the details (think...
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Narrow Focus, Wider Margins
Creative, high quality, and targeting specific consumer needs has been the ticket to success for a growing number of small brands. New products that address specific consumer needs, unique designs, and better quality were the ‘asks’ at Curve NY (August 4-6, 2019). It was a big order to fulfill, however an increasing number of brands are meeting these new requirements. The rise of niche brands – and their importance in the market - can’t be overlooked. ...
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Paris Mode City:  ‘Better’ is Back in Style
The thrill of buying cheap products is starting to fade – which has meant better business for EU brands.It was refreshing to visit a trade fair where no one was focusing on price!  While price is still a factor, an important one for the mass-market sector, at least in Europe it is not the dealmaker (or deal breaker) that it is elsewhere in the world.Instead, the European brands are increasingly leveraging their expertise in creativity and quality to beat the market.  But will con...
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