A New Lace is Bringing Luxury to the Mainstream Intimate Apparel Market

A New Lace is Bringing Luxury to the Mainstream Intimate Apparel Market

Not long ago the elegance of Leavers lace was a luxury that only the finest lingerie brands could afford.  Brunet International has changed that.


The company has just launched Nouveau Leavers, a new lace that interprets the richness and beauty of traditional Leavers into a lace that is within the reach of mid-tier brands. 


“Brunet’s roots are in Leavers, it’s in our DNA, it’s our heritage,” said Arnaud Limousin, Managing Director at Brunet, explaining that 106 year-old company started out as a manufacturer of Leavers lace in France.  Since that time, the company’s manufacturing facilities have been relocated to Asia. Brunet’s ‘handwriting’ retains its legacy as a maker of fine lace through its French design and development team.  The new collections are an evolution of the vintage designs from Brunet’s extensive archives, a perfect blending of classic patterns with modern motifs.


Nouveau Leavers is the celebration of that DNA, as well as the start of a direction that will define the Brunet Group’s strategy for the coming decades.  The Nouveau Leavers technique has been patented, and Brunet has copyrights for all of their lace designs. 


Working with Customers to Create Unique Collections


The move comes at exactly the right time since increasingly consumers are looking to buy ‘fewer and better’, which is putting pressure on brands to add value to their collections.


Listening to the challenges that their customers are facing, Brunet is continually pushing its technical R&D and designers to go beyond market expectations and develop products that are both new and that will be appreciated by consumers.


Nouveau Leavers embodies the allure and the timeless elegance that appeals to today’s more sophisticated and confident woman.  And it delivers this in lace that has a super soft hand feel - perfect for intimate apparel or any garment that will touch the skin.


“We listened to our customers and understood that a vast majority of our clients are looking for better materials. At the same time, they face difficulties in finding materials at the right price and with the right aesthetics.  Either lead times are too slow, products are too expensive or they don’t match with their brand identity,” said Mr. Limousin.  Recognizing that today’s consumers want apparel with a soft, silky touch, Brunet gave their Nouveau Leavers a softer hand feel, than that of traditional Leavers lace.


Brunet has always worked to share their passion for fine lace with their customers, creating added value not only to their products, but to the customer experience as well.


Listening to Mr. Limousin present the company’s new collection one can truly feel the passion and commitment that goes into the creation of each Brunet lace.


“We are not looking to win over every account.  Instead, we prefer to focus on few key accounts across Europe, the US and Asia and provide these clients with an outstanding, personalized customer experience,” said Mr. Limousin.


Fast & Flexible


While having innovative products is important, being able to meet today’s demands for lightning fast lead times and maximum flexibility is just as critical.


“We understand how the market moves and we are flexible enough to adapt. We are big enough to be able supply leading international brands, but are small enough to be agile.  In other words, we can move very fast!” said Mr. Limousin.


Bending Technology in New Directions


Behind Brunet’s elegant laces is an ongoing investment in state-of-the-art technology.  R&D goes beyond developing breathtakingly beautiful collections, it also includes pushing the machines in innovative new directions.  


“Innovation is one of our core values and has always been a ‘tool’ to help us stand the test of time and stay ahead of the market,” Mr. Limousin explained. 


“The expertise gained during our Leavers years has been a very good foundation to upgrade our machines. The secret lies in the way we sketch, draft and then produce. This is unique, and perfect to support our new collection that is bringing lace aesthetic to new heights,” he added


With ongoing investment in the latest technology, a passion for creating laces exquisite laces and a true desire to help their customers meet today’s market challenges, Brunet has shown us the future of the lace industry.