Lectra:  Seamlessly Integrating Design into PLM Solutions
Technology has become a driving force behind the international apparel industry–helping to reduce costs, cut lead times, and facilitate global collaboration.Predicting and maintaining the stability of the value chain has becoming increasingly complex as a result of globalization.  In order to achieve a lean strategic advantage, apparel manufacturers, who have traditionally been slow to embrace IT solutions, are starting to see them as possible saviors.  Product Lifecycle Manageme...
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Giordano:  Making Casualwear a Winner in the Middle East
Once overlooked by international retailers, the Middle East region is proving to be fertile ground offering a mix of tourism and a stable local consumer population.  One of the front runners in the Middle East retail race is Hong Kong-based casualwear retailer Giordano.The move was the brain child of Ishwar Chugani.   Working in Dubai with the ETA-Sascon-Star Group, a conglomerate which has interests in a wide range of industries, Mr. Chugani suggested that the company venture int...
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