A Winning Formula for Knitwear

A Winning Formula for Knitwear

Smart companies follow the market, but exceptional companies lead the market. When buyers look for rayon and viscose yarns, Hong Kong-based Winning Textile Ltd. is one of the first spinners that comes to mind.  Over the past 20 years, the company has established a reputation as the go to place for innovative rayon and viscose yarns backed by outstanding customer service.

“We buy the best raw materials from the best suppliers in China,” said Samson Lam, director.   “One advantage we have is that we have all the facilities needed for production — from product development and twisting to dyeing and finishing – within our company.  This way, we have the total control over the quality. We back that up with strong QC teams that check each step of our production to make sure we hit our quality standards, ” he explained.  The company works with international brands such as M&S, BCBG and Gap.

Winning manufacturers all its yarn at its factories in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province and Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province in China. Despite China’s strict environmental laws, the company has been able to get a coveted license to operate a dye house thanks to its high sustainability standards.  

Currently Winning has a capacity of 150 tons per month, however it is adding a new facility with a 100 tons per month capacity that will come online in 2016.


Stock Service and  Customized Orders

In today’s competitive market, buyers want innovation but they also want lower prices.  Winning is able to artfully develop yarns that interpret trendy looks at mass market prices.  

This is backed up by its stock service and low minimum orders.

“We stock 180 colors each of bright and dull rayon yarn ” said Mr. Lam, “If the color a customer orders is in our stock program, we can ship it out immediately.”

Winning is also able to make customized colors.  “In fact, half of our orders are for custom colors.  Customers want something unique to differentiate themselves from their competitors and because we have our own dyeing facilities, we have a lot of flexibility to do this,” said Mr. Lam.


Keeping Informed

As one of the most successful yarn suppliers, Winning understands the importance of having accurate market information.

“There is no other publication that covers the textile and garment industry like Inside Fashion. It’s incredibly comprehensive, yet it’s easy to read.  The market information is very valuable and the we find the trend information to be really accurate,” he added.


Ahead of the Market

“Our secret to is to keep creating new product. Through non-stop innovation we are able to roll new products every few weeks,” said Mr. Lam. “At trade fairs our booth is always very busy because buyers know that they can always something new at Winning.”

Winning likes to work with its customers from the early stages of product development in order to develop the right products for them.  “If buyers like something, we will try to find a way to re-interpret it into a more cost efficient version. Our product development team is able to lower the cost as well as maintain the quality.  We achieve this by experimenting with new materials, new spinning and twisting techniques and new finishing processes,” said Mr. Lam.

This season Winning is working on bringing new stretch properties to its yarns as well as finding ways to make super fine count yarns more durable.  The company’s investment in R&D have paid off as season after season Winning remains an industry favorite.

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