Freudenberg: Innovating with Interlining

Freudenberg: Innovating with Interlining

In a market where consumers are raising their expectations of garment quality and fit, interlining is starting to regain the respect it deserves as one of the backbones of creating smarter looking apparel.  Today, with new technology, interlining is able to offer both the style and comfort that consumers want.

Freudenberg & Vilene International Ltd. is combining a legacy of over 81 years in the interlining industry with an ongoing investment in R&D.  -

Today, Freudenberg is a leading global technology group. The group has annual sales of US$10.14 billion (€ 8.6 billion) and is one of the world’s largest private companies. Its ‘Performance Material’ division alone generated US$1,120 (€ 950 million) sales in 2016 and has manufacturing sites in 14 countries.


5,000 Styles Strong

Freudenberg & Vilene’s strong technical competence can be seen in its pattern archive, which has more than 5,000 collars styles available. The company, which is known for its expertise in shirt collars, has developed collar shapes for almost every major fashion brand.

In addition to innovative products, the company is able to provide integrated, fully customized solutions for buyers. Making the perfect shirt is not only about the best quality components. Each component has to work together properly and that’s where Freudenberg’s expertise really shines.

“The perfect collar is a combination of correct construction, the right interlining product mix, and accurate production. Even the best components can’t compensate for a poor fit, ” said Rocco Sanapo, Head of Shirt Segment.

“Freudenberg is the only company that offers a full service for collar construction,” said Mr. Sanapo.

The company constantly sends out teams of technicians to work with garment manufacturers to provide advanced technical know-how, and to help them to achieve perfect collar construction.


Stretching Shirt Expectations

“The market has changed…Functionality is becoming more and more important, ” Mr. Sanapo said, explaining that Freudenberg has been receiving more frequent inquiries for stretchable interlining for collars.

“Stretch-ability became an important topic in the shirt industry. People like comfort.  In response to market demands during the last two years, we focused on creating solutions for stretch collars.  The result is 10 new products we have introduced to the market,” he explained.

“Stretchable interlining is not a new concept in the market, but Freudenberg perfected the product technology for application in shirts.”


Staying Ahead of the Market

Part of Freudenberg’s success strategy is to invest in accurate, up to date market intelligence. For over seven years, Freudenberg has looked to Inside Fashion for key trend information and industry insights.

“When we receive Inside Fashion each month I carefully read every page. We find the information is very accurate and up to date,” said Walter Colgan, Regional Sales Director (South Asia) at Freudenberg, adding that he also shares Inside Fashion with his team.

“Inside Fashion gives us a very good monthly summary of what’s happening in the international industry.  I’m able to see what some of my major customers are doing, as well as keep up with new developments in apparel manufacturing and sourcing.”


Improving Shirt Making Technology

In June, Freudenberg opened the first Shirt Technology Center in Asia at its Nantong, China facility. The new Shirt Technology Center will help Freudenberg to expand its service to support shirt manufacturers. In this center, Freudenberg provides customized technical analysis of collar construction to optimize fit and appearance.

This is simply the next step in what Freudenberg sees as its continual investment in research and product development, to help customers to add more value to their products.

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